Installing Pool Water Features and Lighting

Adding water features and modern lighting to your pool may turn your backyard into a beautiful hideaway. According to a Los Angeles Pool Contractor, these additions increase the pool’s visual dynamics and swimming experience, making it the center of outdoor entertainment. Find out more?

Falls, fountains, and bubblers give the pool a dynamic look and a relaxing atmosphere. Water falling down a waterfall or gushing from a fountain can create a spa-like atmosphere in your backyard. These features can be custom-designed to match your pool’s style and size, from natural rock formations that combine with a planted garden to sleek, modern designs with crisp, clean lines and stylish simplicity.

Waterfalls are a popular way to add natural and refreshing elements to pools. With water falling over stacked stones, waterfalls can replicate a natural fall or be more architectural, with geometric shapes and patterns that match a home’s modern aesthetics. In either style, the waterfall captures attention and enhances the outside environment.

Fountains are another pool d├ęcor option. They can be independent or integrated into the pool’s design, blasting water jets at varying heights and rhythms. Fountains offer practically endless customizing opportunities for personal expression and style. Fountains circulate water, keeping it fresh and clean, which is functional and attractive.

Pool step or ledge bubblers gently bubble. These are common in shallow pool sections where kids play, adding fun and excitement. Illuminating bubblers at night enhances their appearance.

Lighting is another essential part of pool design that makes nighttime swimming safer and more usable. LED technology makes pool lighting energy-efficient and appealing. Imagine swimming in a pool lit with soothing blues, vivid reds, or even rainbow hues thanks to LED lighting.

Lighting a waterfall or underlighting the pool edges can enhance a pool’s beauty. Put lights around pool paths or landscaping elements to create a magical nighttime scene. Lighting can set the mood for nighttime meetings and make the pool area inviting for frequent entertainers.

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